Thursday, February 16, 2017



Dan Reed, Christian - American Citizen

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is back in Washington to make nice with President Trump. WHY? The Israeli Prime Minister, who recently received a $38 billion U.S. taxpayer handout for Israeli’s Military, is here to request another gift. Prime Minister Netanyahu is here soliciting President Trump’s support for Israel’s long planned take over of Palestine, a move that will be condemned by the entire world, but strongly supported by the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC), the Republican Jewish Committee (RJC), and Christian Evangelicals!

Since 1948, the U.S. Government, Pro-Israel Journalist’s, and American Taxpayers, have thoughtlessly accepted Israel’s repeated BALONEY that Israel is only defending itself from terrorists! Therefore, let me briefly review some relevant, factual, verifiable, and substantive history:

1. The European-Zionist Movement. What are Zionists? In the 1880’s, a group of European Jewish citizens began “A Political Movement known as ZIONISM”. The Zionist goal was to migrate, settle, colonize, and transform Arab-Palestine into a Pure Jewish State! European-Jewish-Zionists began their massive migration from Europe, into Palestine, during the 1930’s and 1940’s. These European Jewish refugees were classified "Illegal Immigrants" by the English, who governed Palestine at the time!

After WWI, 1918, a tiny portion of Palestine’s population was Jewish! By the end of WWII, 1945, the Jewish population in Palestine had increased significantly. One of the first acts of the newly created UN, was the 1947 passage of resolution 181, which partitioned Palestine into two neighbors: One Arab, and One Jewish.

European Jewish Zionists created the State of Israel in 1948. These illegal Jewish immigrants immediately became citizens of their newly created State of Israel! These new citizens of Israel were given land, farms, and other property, which the Israeli Military seized from over 700,000 native Arab Palestinians, who Israel forced into hundreds of refugee camps throughout: Syria, Jordan, and Palestine. Therefore, the European Jewish invasion of Arab-Palestine, “The Creation of Israel in Palestine”, and the creation of hundreds of Palestinian refugee camps, which still exist today, remains the core foundations of this 69-year Middle East conflict!

2. Israel’s Zionist Goals in Palestine. Transforming Palestine into “A Pure Jewish Only State” requires three long-term Zionist Pursuits: 1.) Importing large numbers of Jewish immigrants into Israel, 2.) Forcing all Arab-Palestinians to leave Palestine, and 3.) Expanding Israel’s boarders to include all of 1947 Palestine!

Israeli Zionists argue that disagreeing with how Israel was created, Israel's treatment of native Arab Palestinians, and how Israel has preemptively expanded it's boarders, is Anti Semitism? Hatred of the Jewish People, Religion, and Culture, IS Anti Semitism. HOWEVER, disagreeing with how Israel was created, and how Israel treats native Palestinians, IS NOT Anti Semitism!

3. Israel's Systematic "Ethnic Cleansing" in Palestine. Ethnic Cleansing is the systematic elimination of all or most of a large: racial, religious, ethnic, or national group!

Over the past 69-years, a large percentage of Israel’s population has immigrated from Europe, other Middle Eastern Countries, Soviet Russia, and the USA! These new Jewish arrivals are given land and financial assistance, “To Build Jewish Only Settlements, On Land Confiscated from the native Palestinian People.


Meanwhile, “Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing Methods” include: military occupation, illegal land grabs, economic blockades, forced poverty, water rationing, confiscating tax collections, assassinations, aerial bombings, and denying Arab-Palestinians basic human rights!

Palestinians who resist Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing Methods are labeled “Terrorists”, and subjected to Israeli Army invasions, and aerial bombings! In July 2014, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Military delivered the third major massacre upon the Palestinian refugees in Gaza: killing 2200 Palestinian civilians, and destroying 25,000 homes, schools, and hospitals! 


Palestinian resistors countered using: homemade, short-range, unguided rockets, which lack the destructive capacity to threaten anything! Therefore, when considering both: Israel’s Zionist Goals, and Israel’s Military Proportion, “Israel is Systematically Ethnic Cleansing Palestine”!


In conclusion, American Tax Payers have assisted Israel with slaughtering Palestinian civilians! President Obama recently gave Israel another $38 billion. American Taxpayers Should End Our Obscene Financing, Supply, and Resupply of Israel’s Military”! WHY? Because: 1) its Immoral, 2) America’s Needs, and 3) Gods Command: YOU SHALL NOT COVET YOUR NEIGHBORS LAND!

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