Saturday, August 3, 2013

OH BOY - Israel and the Palestinians are beginning another round of BS!

By Dan Reed, American Citizen 

For years I’ve witnessed the ongoing meaningless pilgrimage of Israel and Palestinians to the so-called peace negotiations. Furthermore, this pilgrimage always includes the same players: Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and the United States. We never see involvement from the other major players: Hamas, Hezbollah, Jordan, Lebanon, and the other Mideast countries. Moreover, we never hear the issue of Jewish Zionism discussed, as it relates to Israel officially establishing actual boarders for their Jewish State.

As an American Christian, I find it extremely difficult to comprehend why billions of U.S. tax dollars continue flowing into the State of Israel? As a human being, I cannot understand why, after sixty-six years, the Palestinian territories have not achieved Statehood?

So I decided to better inform myself about the conflicts between Palestine and Israel. My research included scores of articles, websites, books, and library documents from both the Palestinian and Israeli perspective. I organized my findings into the following comparisons:

1. The Time Before Israel
Jewish Zionism
2. The 1947 Partition of Palestine
The 1947 Creation of the State of Israel
3. The Palestinian Refugee Problem
Jewish Immigration to Palestine
4. The Palestinian Territories
Israel’s Ever Expanding Boarders
5. What is Palestine’s Right To Exist?
What are Zionism’s long-term goals in Israel?

I begin this seven part series with a brief review of The Time Before Israel was created, which provides a historical perspective on: the land of Canaan, the Jewish promised land, the land of Palestine, the beginnings of Zionism, the Jewish National Fund, the 1917 Balfour Declaration, and the Holocaust.

During the coming weeks, I will share my research findings and comparisons of the on-going conflicts between Palestine and Israel. Furthermore, I plan to assemble all my research documents and sources into an e-book, which I hope to offer as a down loadable sourcing tool on this journal.

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