Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oligarch Dictators: Enemies of Democracy, Free Enterprise, and Liberty!

By: Dan Reed, American Citizen

In my opinion, the growing ideological conflict between the American people boils down to a choice between a Democratic Republic or a Rule By A Few - Oligarch Republic! The rule by a few minorities are pushing limited government! Limited Government equals no governance, and no governance equals Dictatorship!

Representative Democracy is systematically being toppled by a powerful Oligarchy, consisting of: Wall Street Banks, Multinational Corporate Monopolies, International Business Cartels, Large Industry Trade Associations, and Super Wealthy Aristocrats!

This Oligarchy has emerged over the past thirty years: being tactically enabled through high speed global communications, and stealthily nurtured to a "Shadow Dictatorship" that is systematically buying and bribing of our democratically elected representatives!

The head of this snake is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which functions as the Central Politburo for this "Anti-Democracy Collective". Like a snake, this Anti-American, U.S. Chamber of Oligarchs is squeezing the life from our 216-year Democratic Republic!

Don't Be Fooled, these multinational corporations and super wealthy aristocrats are Globalists. These global merchants have absolutely no allegiance to the United States of America, or it's people!
I’m sure everyone remembers the 2010 SUPER-PACS, and their "secret domestic and foreign billionaire donors”, who provided over one billion dollars of so called “Campaign Donations” during the 2010 mid-term congressional elections.

The Oligarch Summit! Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican president nominee spent the weekend of June 23, 2012, locked up at a Park City Utah ski resort with his senior advisors, secret campaign donors, and Karl Rove the CEO of cross roads GPS, a secret big money donor SUPER-PAC. Their stated objective was to discuss strategy for spending $1.225 billion on media ads attacking President Obama before the November election! “SECRET Big Money Donors” is all anyone needs to know about what’s wrong with American politics, and the direction the United States of America is headed!

WARNING: Adam Smith, the father of free enterprise, warned that concentrated wealth destroys economic liberty! So it is, that these multinational corporations and super wealthy aristocrats have three goals; First, they want to make the democratic party a nonfunctional shell, while preserving the "IMAGE" of a two party system. Second, they want to destroy the liberty of wage earners, by ending collective bargaining, and dramatically lowering wages and benefits - FOR EVERYONE! Third, they want to quickly reduce the American peoples standard of living too the level of countries like: China, India, Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe! Thus, creating a two-class society of: The Very Rich and Very Poor!

Don't Be Fooled, this Oligarchy has skillfully seized control of the America's Free Enterprise system, which it now “Rules” through six Big Corporate Industries. Like an Octopus, the tentacles of this Big Corporate Empire reach into every aspect of American life:
1. Banking and Financial Services, which includes the four major Wall Street Banks: Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. These banks hold and control over 80% of U.S. Assets. Remember, these Banks are too big to fail!
2. Agriculture, which includes Large Corporate Farms and Multinational Food Importers. This group supplies all of America's food. Remember, the annual $900 billion farm bill!
3. Health Care, which includes Private Health Insurance Monopolies, Drug Cartels, and Medical Associations. Remember, the health Insurance companies are exempt from U.S. anti-trust laws, which make them legal monopolies.
4. Energy, which includes Feudal Oil Cartels, Natural Gas, Coal, and Electric Utility monopolies. Remember, this group supplies all of America's energy requirements.
5. Communications Conglomerates, which includes the "Liberal Media": TV, Radio, Newspapers, and the Internet. Remember, this group owes their entire existence and survival to advertising revenues provided by big corporations. 
6. The Pentagon, which includes Military Weapons Contractors, Weapons lobbyists, and Military Base and Sea Port Landlords! Remember, the Pentagon accounts for 30% of all annual U.S. spending.

Don't Be Fooled, "The Free Market has Totally Failed to Self Correct" the real enemies threatening Democracy and Free Enterprise: wealth concentrated in a few hands, laissez-faire corporate monopolies, political corruption, and a decaying infrastructure! 

American Democracy is being toppled by an Oligarch Dictatorship; of the Corporations, by the CEO’s, and for the Shareholders! These enemies of free enterprise, and liberty for all, are buying and corrupting our elected representatives, and methodically: outsourcing, free trading, deregulating, and tax gutting the U.S. Economy into decay, decline, and depression!


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